How To Make Trick Or Treating Safer for Your Kids

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It will be a few days before Halloween comes, and since we realize zombies won’t really be climbing up from their grave, or witches flying on their broomsticks, we took the initiative to dress up like these creatures of the night and annoy our neighbors for a few sweets.

However, no matter how innocent and fun trick or treats are, the horrors still linger, not from imaginary beings, but from real life hazards of this annual activity. Here are ways you can make trick or treat safe for your kids.

The Costume Should Be The Right Size

Costumes can come in long sizes and features, whether she is playing a Jedi or a zombie bride. Make sure it fits well and with the correct length so she won’t be tripping. Your child is carrying enough accoutrements already, what with those Jack O’ Lanterns and candy loot bags. Don’t make it harder to walk for her as well.

Halloween Costume

Check the Masks

Masks are staples of Halloween costumes. Batman, Iron Man, and for the love of God, the masked guy from Scream have become popular gets ups due to pop culture supremacy. Make sure they can see very well through the eyeholes, and then there are no splinters or protrusions that can hurt their eyes. Ensure that they can breathe well, too. And while we are at the topic of face coverings already, make sure that masks and make ups will not cause any allergic reactions to your kids.

Halloween Mask

Make Them Visible

Halloween costumes tend to lean on darker hues, and this makes it dangerous for kids since they can be harder to spot in the dark, making them a possible hazard when crossing the streets. Equip them with glow in the dark sticks, flash lights with fresh batteries, or reflective tape. That way they can see, and they can easily be seen.

Glow Stick

Choose The Houses Carefully

Instruct your children to only venture to the familiar and well-lit parts of the neighborhood, and focus more on houses of people you already know well. Also, make sure they receive their presents ONLY from the door step. Instruct them to NEVER EVER enter someone’s house.

Halloween House

Inspect The Candies

Take a look at the treats before they start nibbling on them. The candies should still be on their original and untampered wrappings. If the child is too young, get rid of smaller and harder ones as they can cause chocking. If your child has food allergies, inspecting the labels is a must, too.

Halloween Candy

Supervise Them

Nothing beats adult supervision. This way you can guide them to stay on the side-street, avoid crossing mid-block, lookout for oncoming vehicles when crossing, and make sure they only go to places familiar for you. And in case emergency happens, you may contact authorities and the proper responders.


Give Them Identifications

Speaking of emergencies, however slim, your child might get separated from your or his/her group. Insert or pin an identification card to his/her costume containing your child’s name, address, and your contact information. This way, concerned individuals who found your child can easily reach and reunite with you.

identification card

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